My first business venture was as a six-year-old door-to-door salesman, selling my poor, bewildered neighbors crayon-scrawled drawings. Not much changed after that.

Once adulthood hit, I was given the unique opportunity to manage a high-profile court case's evidence-gathering project, working directly under the litigation support firm's CEO. That first job both solidified my natural talent for business development, team-building and project management and also inspired a thirst for professional growth. The position also gave me the opportunity to learn a great deal with hands-on experience in a number of different disciplines within the workplace.

Before I'd gathered any significant professional experience, my partner and I started a small business which we called Scuttlebutt Ink. For the last 10 years we've used our weekends to travel the country to visit comic book and anime conventions where we sell our collaborative illustrations. JD provides the linework for all of our art while I do the color (and the typesetting, in our sequential art.)

I've been more than blessed to have the love of my life share my fondness for both art and storytelling. With our business and following flourishing, we expanded our efforts to publish an original comic. In 2010, we started creating a comic called Mahou Shounen FIGHT!. I quit my day-job to utilize our experience and fanbase in the convention circuit to promote our original work and build its fanbase. That first year, I traveled to 40 conventions.

With nearly five chapters of our comic complete, I recently ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to print our first volume: a 200 page book. We brought in $18,100 to print our comic and to create high-quality merchandise for our readers.

My experiences in all of these ventures and the ones between have given me an extremely wide skill set, making me suitable for a great number of fields and positions. My passions lie deepest in two things: outstanding customer service + client relationships and developing a business to its greatest potential in every way.